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Combe Bank Foundation

Combe Bank Foundation

The Combe Bank Foundation is a registered charity formed  to advance the education of the pupils at Combe Bank School.

The Foundation's Trust Deed gives the Trustees power to apply the Trust's income and capital to advance the education of the pupils of the school by:-

  • Awarding scholarships, bursaries or prizes and
  • provision for development of educational facilities at the school.

Requests may only be made through the Council of Management of Combe Bank School Education Trust Ltd.

Whilst the Trustees see the priority as being to accumulate a fund for these purposes, it is now possible for them to make awards, awards being named after those who have made significant donations to the Foundation.

  • The Nina Spurr Scholarship to a girl entering the 6th Form at the Senior School
  • The Ruth Salt Music Bursary to a girl in her final year in the Preparatory school
  • The Betsy Crump Award to a girls studying Art in the Senior School
  • Two Performing Arts Bursaries.

Further Scholarships, Bursaries, prizes and support for projects of permanent benefit to the running of the school will follow when funds permit.

1.   The Foundation’s Structure

The Trust Deed, a list of the Trustees and the current accounts may be viewed on request.

The Trustees must hold a General Meeting each year as well as ordinary meetings which are normally held twice each year. No Trustees or Officers receive any remuneration for their services.

The Trustees have established an Investment Committee which advises on investment policy and is granted power to invest the Trust’s income within certain clearly specified policy guidelines and limits.

2.   Donations to the Foundation

The Foundation depends entirely upon donations to build up its reserves. It is the policy of the Trustees currently to re-invest most of its investment income.

It is the hope of the Trustees that those who have an interest in the education and wellbeing of the pupils of Combe Bank will feel that the aims of the Foundation constitute a cause which they will wish to support. It is felt that this cause may appeal to past parents, present parents, old girls, members of the Education Trust, friends of Combe Bank and to those who have had contact with the school at some period, perhaps even as grandparents of children now in the school.

Corporate and, indeed all donations are warmly welcomed by the Trustees. The process of making a donation to the Foundation is surprisingly simple and straightforward. This can be achieved in several ways, the most common of which are:-

·        by a single donation, or

·        by gift aid, or

·        by a legacy in your will.

It is emphasised that a legacy in your will can be altered or withdrawn at any time and that gift aid can be particularly tax effective.

The Bursar of Combe Bank School will always be happy to advise you how to take matters further. He can be contacted as below.

The Bursar
Combe Bank School
Kent TN14 6AE

01959 563720

Registered Charity No. 1037029